Those members and friends who missed our last stated meeting held on June 11, 2011 surely missed out and the thirty four who attended acquired much knowledge. In keeping with the Most Worshipful Grand Master’s project, “By Your Side”, a wonderful two hour program was presented on cancer, it’s detection, it’s treatment and it’s survivors. The speakers were Bro. Phil Gruneret, Bro. Lee Hopkins, Rohnerville-Redwood OES member De De Cathy and Oncology Nurse Sandy Gibs. All are cancer survivors except Sandy. Each of the survivors described how their cancer had been discovered and what treatments were prescribed. One of the most important things that was passed on by the survivors was to pay attention to your body. No one knows it better than yourself. If you notice something that isn’t quite normal, don’t just wish it to go away, have your doctor check it out. It might save your life.

Sandy was then asked to speak and she described her schooling. She said that an oncology nurse must first be a registered nurse. This training is then followed by specialized schooling and on the job training. The nurse must then pass the oncology nurse examination. Sandy that it was the most difficult examination she had ever taken. Just to take the examination costs between $250 and $700. After passing the test and working in the field, they must take a refresher course every four years to keep their license current. Now we know why there is a shortage of oncology nurses. They are worth their weight in gold!

Please Read. At our next stated meeting, July 9, 2011 we will be presenting Bro. Phil Grunert PM with his Hiram Award. Officers please take note; We will open Lodge at 6:15 PM and then go to refreshment for dinner and the presentation. Please be there on time for opening. The ladies of Rohnerville-Redwood OES will be preparing and serving the dinner. As we are expecting a large turnout for dinner, it will be by reservation only. Please get your reservations in early, the cutoff date will be July 5, 2011. Please make reservations with Rich Sweet, 707-764-3626 or Email (Preferred) and I will see that your name gets into the pot. Cost will be $10.00 per person.

Everyone have a happy and safe Fourth of July and God Bless America.

Rich Sweet, Secretary

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