First, congratulations and best wishes to Bro. Douglas Tupen who was installed as Worshipful Master on December 3, 2011. Doug was installed and his first meeing was held December 10th. His first meeting was one which he will remember for a while. He held a special election for Junior Warden, elected the Junior Warden and In stalled same as well as the Treasurer. He also voted on an application for the degrees. After that, he should be prepared for anything. Doug is looking forward to a successful year and has plans to make it an interesting one.

It is planned that our newly elected candidate, Mr Jon Sapper, will be receiving his Entered Apprentice Degree on January 25, 2012 which is the birthday of Bro. Robert Burns in 1759. A bit of history there. Come and join us in welcoming Jon into the Lodge. We are still short some officers in the line and will be relying on some help from our Past Masters and others who may be willing to fill spots that wouldn’t necessairly lead to progressing up the line.

Some of you have no doubt noticed that our banners honoring our service members have been removed from the light standards in town and replaced by candy canes. We have been informed by the City that they will be installed again after the Christmas season is finished. Hummmm, kind of makes you wonder what is important.

Best wishes to all of our new officers and brethren for a successful and prosperous New Year.


Richard H. Sweet, Secretary

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