Many things happened this last month in our Lodge. On October 25th, Past Master Mike Flockhart was presented the Mason Of The Year award at the Scottish Rite Feast of Tishri dinner. The award was presented by Worshipful James G. Widdoes, Personal Representative of the Grand Inspector General, Scottish Rite Masons in Northren California. Pictured L – R: Jim Widdoes, Mike Flockhart.

On November 6th, Eel River Empire Lodge assisted in opening the time caplule in the Corner Stone of the Fortuna Methodist Church’s 125th anniversary of the laying of the corner stone by Eel River Lodge, Rohnerville Ca. on June 12, 1889. In the capsule was the original dispensation to lay the corner stone. It was presided over by: Grand Master McMeil, Dep. Grand Master Melendy, Senior Grand Warden Eastman, Junior Grand Warden Edwards, Treasurer M. A. Webber and Secretary Joseph Hull. Think of the effort that the Grand Officers put forth to travel to Fortuna to officiate at this ceremony. The document is in amazingly good condition considering it’s age. There is some fading of the ink in the hand written document but the letterhead is in good condition and very legible.

The event was preformed under dispensation to wear Masonic Regalia and was officiated by Acting Master Jim Widdoes PM and Chaplain Jay Grunert PM. The theme of Jim’s presentation was rememberance and renewal and Jay delivered one of his special prayers. The event was attended by eighty church members and brethren. Pictured L – R: Jay Grunert, Jim Widdoes.

At the suggestion of our Junior Warden, Lee Hopkins, our community project for the year was to honor the service men and women of the Lodge’s sphere of influence. Lee was appointed as chairman of the project and our goal was to have made and placed on the city light standards, banners with pictures of the active service members. With the help of others of our brethren and members of the City, this project was brought to fruition on November 7th. As of this date, ten banners have been installed. It is intended that when a member retires from active service, the member’s banner will be removed and presented to the member and will be replaced by another active service member. We thank the City and their employees for their help in the project.

Pictured L – R: Neale Webb (In Bucket), Cory Smith. Lodge members, Phil Grunert, Jim Widdoes, Jay Grunert and Charley Bennett.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Richard H. Sweet, Secretary

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