Well, here it is August again. Seems like this year is flying by and that fall is nearly upon us.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable time at the Annual Masonic Picnic on the 7th at Rohner Park. Thanks to all who were involved in preparing, hauling wood and stoking the barbecue pit in preparation for the roasts. We owe a big thank you to all who delivered barbecue and beans to the folks who were unable to attend for various health reasons. Also thank you to the other Lodges who helped prepare and serve the food.

The youth groups did a great job of serving the ice cream and toppings. Of course, it was all low calorie.

Who was that unmasked man seated in the barber chair????

As you know, Duane Plant had made a deal with the four Lodges that if they could come up with $1000 as a donation to the Rainbow Girls, he would be shorn clean. Beard and ponytail gone!!! Well it happened. he is now a new man. Some folks who have known him for twenty years didn’t recognize him.

The big Masonic Shootout at the Humboldt Trap Club in McKinleyville come off without a hitch I am told. Seems like Eel River Empire came in second after Six Rivers employed a ringer to snatch the title away from them. I wasn’t there so this just hearsay on my part.

Everyone have a happy and safe Labor Day.


Richard H. Sweet, Secretary

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