Greetings brethren,

Our October stated meeting unintentionally turned out to be quite romatic as half way through dinner, the power went out and we finished dinner by candle light. Apparently, someone in town met with a power pole by accident, resulting in numerous power outages. My thanks go out to our Senior Warden, Harry Pond, for sitting in the East for me as I had to leave to deal with City genereator problems at some of our lift and pump stations. Thanks also to the ladies of Rohnerville-Redwood OES for a delicioous dinner and for having lots of candles handy.

The Lodge was opened, an application read and then closed. Thanks to all who attended

I would also like to acknowledge the work of Rich Sweet and Duane Plant for operating the Child ID program on October 2, 2010, during the Apple Harvest Festival and Health Fair. It was the Lodge’s most successful ID program we have ever had. They processed 143 kids through the program. Thanks for the hard work Rich anad Duane, it was cold and windy but you hung in there.

As the year winds down, the officers are learning their work for next year’s stations. On a personal note, I would lkke to thank Bro Lee Hopkins and his lovely wife Shirley for helping my youngest daughter bag her first buck, but that is what Masonry is all about, helping another brother had his family. There is no other organization in the world like ours, I encourage everyone to make the most of it.


Mike Flockhart, Worshipful Master

Help from the Clowns

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