The evening before the picnic was a little damp and everyone was afraid that Sunday would be cold, however it turned into a great day for the picnic. The fire was started at around 5:30 Saturday afternoon and approximately two cords of seasoned oak wood was burned before Sunday morning.

Five humdred and thirty pounds of meat was put on the rack and covered at around 5:30 Sunday morning. The pit was opened at 11:00 AM. Meat was sliced and prepared for delivery along with Jim Widdoes’ special beans. This was placed in styrofoam containers and delivered by Jim and his helpers to the shut-ins. The several Lodges of the 101st and 105th Masonic District shared in the preparation and serving of the food at the picnic. The girls form Rainbow served the Ice Cream and Topping. Great job everyone!

Dan McClelland removing the meat from the pit.

The meat carvers. Most didn’t eat any lunch as they were full of meat trimmings by the time they had finished cutting all of the meat.

Jim Widdoes, who has for many years, been in charge of delivering barbeque to the shut-ins.

Delivering the meat to the serving line.

There were hot dogs too.

Inspectors of the 101st and 105th Masonic District keeping an eye on things.

The money changers, they were a tough bunch to deal with.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master inspecting the chow line.

Some of the Grand Officers and their Ladies enjoying the barbeque.

The young ladies serving up the goodies minus the calories.

It was indeed a pleasure to have our Grand Officers participate and share with us in the festivities. Everyone who helped in the preparation and serving at the picnic deserves a big THANK YOU.

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